Making Energy Smart

Avoid Bill Shock

Take control of your energy costs with the Redback Smart Hybrid System.

Solar with battery storage extends the benefits of renewable energy at times when the sun is not shining, providing huge economic and environmental advantages to you as the customer. Take ownership of your family’s energy future and become less dependent on the prices controlled by energy retailers.

Stay Informed

With the MyRedback app and Redback Portal.

The MYRedback app and Redback Portal monitors the amount of electricity your solar panels are producing, the amount being exported back to the grid and your household energy consumption. Know exactly how your system is performing in real time and compare your results with the week prior.

Be Self-Reliant

Don't be left in the dark, have peace of mind in a power outage.

The Redback Smart Hybrid System has a backup circuit built in, which will automatically kick in when a blackout occurs.* So, you can have peace of mind in a power outage.

*When DC-coupled, backup circuit is connected and solar or battery energy is available. Appliances selected at time of install.


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