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Southern Stars is a 100% Locally Owned and Operated Business by Director Darren Bennett, Darren started Southern Stars Air Conditioning Pty Ltd from his home at Kingsthorpe in 2009 and has grown the business into the reputable home Services business it is today. Darren dedicates success and growth to all of his staff, past, and present.

Darren has been able to build Southern Stars into the business it is today with the support and work ethic of his employees:

  • Darren Bennett: Owner/Director
  • Daniel Child: Business Development Manager 
  • Kelly Leaning-Dalley: Accounts Manager
  • Joy Jamieson: Office Manager
  • Alison Gould: Accounts Assistant 
  • Natalie Spann: Air Conditioning Services Installation Co-Ordinator
  • Judie Murden: Electrical & Solar Services Co-Ordinator
  • Hannah Rosenthal: Air Conditioning Maintenance Co-Ordinator 
  • John Bennett: Warehouse Manager  
  • Glenn Johnstone: Trade / Installations Supervisor 
  • Ethan Court: Air Conditioning Technician
  • Brady Emslie: Air Conditioning Technician
  • Tom Fowler: Air Conditioning Technician 
  • Adam Rowe: Air Conditioning Technician 
  • Jack Adams: Electrical Manager & Technician 
  • Peter Becker: Electrical Technician
  • James Bodker: Air Conditioning Technician & Electrical Technician
  • William Bruce: Electrical Technician
  • Thomas Flegler: Electrical Technician 
  • Malik Brown: Air Conditioning Technician 
  • Lachlan Stephson: Air Conditioning Technician 
  • Liam McDonald: Electrical Technician
  • Liam Kleidon: Air Conditioning Technician 
  • Zach Tyler: Air Conditioning Technician
  • Toby Jones: Air Conditioning Technician
  • Brock Van Der Linden: Warehouse Assistant
  • John Tippin: Electrical Technician
  • Blake Treadwell: Electrical Technician
  • George Christodoulou: Air Conditioning Technician
  • Thomas Delroy: Electrical Technician
  • Ryan Kaarsberg: Air Conditioning Technician 

Meet Our Awesome Team

Darren Bennett


Daniel Child

General Manager

Avril Bennett

Accounts Manager

Joy Jamieson

Electrical Services Office Manager

Brady Emslie

Air Conditioning Technician

Ethan Court

Air Conditioning Technician

Tom Fowler

Air Conditioning Technician

Adam Rowe

Air Conditioning Technician

Peter Becker

Electrical Technician

Jack Adams

Electrical Manager

James Bodker

Air Conditioning Technician & Electrical Technician