Senoa Switches

  • Luxury with a touch of glass.

PREMIUM SWITCHESLuxuriously smarter

Senoa has a premium touch-sensitive glass fascia
ideal for architectural homes, with a simple profile
that looks exquisite on any wall for any project.

Simple on the outside
Smarter on the inside

Switch+ App + Voice

You’re always in control at the switch,
with the app or by simply speaking.

Proximity Illumination

Auto dims when it’s dark and wakes
when your near the switch.

Ripple Smooth Technology

Flicker-free smooth dimming for
all your compatible lights

Glass touch

Fingerprint-resistant glass touch
sensitive surface.

Icons and Colour

Personalise with laser-engraved icons
and selectable colour schemes.

Magnetic fascia

Allows the glass fascia to be
changed by snapping into place.

Auto Off Timer

Switches turn themselves off with
a timer setting of your choice.

Behaviour linking

Link other switches for multiway
control without extra wiring.

Automatic Schedules

Choose a day and time for different
actions to auto-magically happen.

Power monitoring

Real-time energy usage in both
watts and cost per hour.

Simple setup

Download the free Zimi app
for a quick and simple setup.

Reliable connectivity

Every device is a signal repeater to
create a reliable mesh network.

Ready without Wi-Fi

Easy to setup and use with your
smartphone or tablet.

Australian designed

Designed for our environment
with electrical certification.


Download the latest software
when new features are released.