Introducing Schneider Electric new generation EVlink Home, a wall-mounted charging station designed for all your residential standalone Family Home needs.

With a full range of products including the following,

EVlink Home charging stations

  • Budget-friendly and easy to install
  • 2 power ranges (7.4kW 1P, 11kW 3P)
  • With T2/T2S socket or attached cable
  • Built-in internal protection: RDC-DD 6mA filter
  • User-friendly LED status indicator


EVlink Home anti-tripping system

Peak Controller is a load management system that adapts continuously

the available power supplied to charge the EV while taking into account

the entire home consumption.


The power availability is calculated by the Peak Controller

by comparing the utility power limit and the home consumption

gathered by a current transformer positioned on the bottom

of the main circuit breaker.


The communication between the Peak Controller and EVlink Home charger is done

over power line communication, so no need to add a communication cable.

Peak Controller is available in single-phase or three-phase.

EVlink Home Datasheet…

EVlink Home User Guide…


EVlink Home Smart - Designed for today’s smart homes, connected to Wiser. Residential market.

EVlink Pro AC – A scalable solution designed for buildings, carparks, multi-dwelling units & shopping centres. Commercial market.