MyPlace Security

  • MyPlace offers the convenience of monitoring your home from a single app.

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Whether it’s keeping an eye on outside activity, seeing who is at the door and letting them in, or allowing online purchases to be delivered securely.

Video Doorbell

  • Intercom – two-way audio combined with one-way video means you can hear, see and speak to the person on your front porch in real time all while seeing who you are talking to.
  • Motion Detection – detect motion and receive a notification on your phone when there is movement at your door.
  • Liveview so you can check on your front door at any time.

Indoor Security Camera

  • Easy Installation – no hard wiring required.
  • The dedicated MyPlace app offers extensive features and superior user experiences. Get push notifications, access live video footage, and use two-way audio all through the app.
  • Leave no blind spot in your home with its super-wide-angle lens. The high-definition video allows you to capture detail where it matters most.
  • Talk and listen at the same time, in real time as if you were on a phone call.
  • Local video recording to a micro-SD card up to 128GB. Micro SD cards are sold separately. NOTE: Video replay requires removing the memory card and playing it on a PC at this time.
  • Colour Night Vision – The indoor security camera captures vivid colour images when in low-light environments, with superior clarity. In total darkness, infrared illumination provides B&W night vision.

Garage Door

  • Sends automated notifications to your phone alerting you if the garage is open
  • Enables you to close it simply via the MyPlace app
  • Integrates with the MyPlace Video Doorbell so you can see the delivery driver at the door and have them place your parcels in the garage.
  • Safely close the garage door to ensure your parcels are safe.

Strong Encryption

At MyPlace, we understand the concern for security and the fear of hackers. To ensure your protection, we use a combination of security measures including bank-grade AES128 encryption to prevent known cyber-attack methods, Use the MyPlace app and home security cameras, confident that no one can hack your data.

Add the new Secure Delivery Bundle from $995 fully installed

If you love online shopping, you will want to keep your parcels safe; add our new Secure Delivery Bundle to your MyAir or MyPlace System. Available now from $995 fully installed, this launch special offer is not to be missed.

The bundle will allow you to chat to the delivery driver via the video doorbell, ask them to leave the parcel in the garage, watch them drop your parcel safely from the indoor camera then you can close the garage door behind them using MyPlace smart garage control.  All of this is possible via the app on your phone no matter where you are.  Keeping your parcels safe is now so simple!

All of this is fully installed and paired to your devices by our friendly and professional MyTeam electricians.

How this bundle can keep you and your parcels secure;

  • See and speak to who is at your front door with the video doorbell with intercom
  • The indoor video camera can easily be moved from room to room so you can keep an eye on your parcel deliveries or your pets
  • Let the delivery person in while you’re at work, or close the garage door if you have forgotten with the MyPlace smart garage control
  • All of this can be done via the app wherever you are
  • A notification will be sent to your smart device if someone is at the front door,  when motion is detected on the camera or if you leave the garage door open.

Feel safe and secure in your home and have some fun too.

The Secure Delivery Bundle includes:

  • Video doorbell | Intercom | Motion detection | Live view
  • Indoor security camera | Intercom | High definition video | Live view |Night vision
  • MyPlace smart garage control module with 2 channels
  • MyGarage control module with 2 channels
  • SD card
  • 5 year MyMembership also providing integration with other 3rd party products, Sonos, Philips Hue, Gainsborough Freestyle Trilock
  • Data cable
  • All interconnecting cables and power supplies
  • Installation

Offer available in Toowoomba & Caboolture within 50kms from our Office locations, a call-out fee of $150 applies (up to 1ookms will include an extra charge).

Launch special is for a limited time only

T&C’s apply