Daikin VRV IV Water Cooled

  • Available in Heat Pump or Heat Recovery
  • Capacities 16kW-101kW
  • Refrigerant R410A

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Variable Refrigerant Volume


Daikin VRV IV Water Cooled (VRV IV-W) is an individual air conditioning system that utilities water as a heat source. In this unique system, water is piped from a central cooling tower or boiler to the compact VRV IV-W unit (the equivalent of the outdoor unit/condenser in a conventional air conditioning system) and after heat exchange, refrigerant is piped from the VRV IV-W unit to each indoor unit.

This unique system allows this condenser to be placed inside the building, which greatly extends design flexibility and makes it easier to adapt to creative building facades where air cooled VRV solutions are not possible. Furthermore VRV IV-W can perform as a heat pump or heat recovery system to suit the requirements of most commercial applications.