Phillips HUE - MyPlace Compatible

  • Who's there? Feel safe and secure any time of day or night using MyMonitor.
  • Philips Hue offers a wide range of smart light bulbs, lamps, fixtures and accessories. Whether it’s for your living room, your kitchen, your bathroom or your garden, Philips Hue has the perfect light.
  • Keep your Fur kids cool with auto action of your air conditioner and blinds during the Aussie summers.
  • Check on Nanna, with a simple addition of a motion sensor to your MyAir or MyPlace, everyone will have peace of mind knowing when your loved ones are up and about each morning.

Enhance your smart home with MyMonitor and make your everyday life even easier.

Our new MyMonitor Control Module can sense changes in motion, temperature and light in and around your home, giving you more control than ever over your home.

MyMonitor enhances your existing MyAir or MyPlace “Scenes” and “Events” features by adding new “Conditions” based on motion and light sensitivity, these are easily setup through the apps, with no special home automation programming needed.

With the ability to set up to 20 “Events” the uses are limited only by your imagination.

We have shared some ideas of how MyMonitors makes everyday life easier.

Phillips HUE - BRIDGE - intergrades with MYPLACE with MyMonitor.

MyMonitor Control Module is a combined hardware and software addition to the MyLights Foundation Kit and MyPlace Kits . It is a security module that allows automation actions to be programmed to respond to motion. Once motion is detected a number of events and actions are possible and these are easily set up in the App.

  • a single light or multiple lights can be turned on
  • your air conditioner can be switched on or off,
  • your favourite music can play
  • a notification can be sent to your smart device to alert you if there is or isn’t movement

The uses are limited only by your imagination. No specialised home automation programming is needed.

MyMonitor Control Module includes:

  • Licensed Hue Bridge and power supply
  • One Hue motion sensor,
  • MyMonitor software licence
  • One globe, Edison Screw cap or Bayonet cap

MyMonitor can also integrate Hue bulbs into MyLights allowing these to be controlled by a single app